The Company

and its history

The company “Fratelli Urciuolo”
was born in 1996, when the region of Irpinia encountered encouraging years for the enological development.
Although this region has an ancient tradition in remarkable wine making, only recently it has began expressing such qualities in field of business.
The company was founded by the two young brothers Ciro and Antonello, which at once decided to take their Father’s Nicola lifetime dream and make it come true.
The first part of the dream was soon fulfilled in 1992, when 3 hectares of Fiano vines where planted in Forino, at the foot of Mt. Faliesi, about 450 mt above sea level; one of the most suggestive areas in Irpinia, all surrounded by mountains.

Forino since ever, was well know as am hazel nut production area and only by mistake was registered as DOC area for Fiano vines, and thanks to the perseverance of the two brothers, it was possible to change the shape of these lands.

The choice of getting into vinification to propose their product with their own brand was the next difficult part of their plan.

Decision was taken and finally the 1996 harvest ended in a Urciuolo labelled bottle. Promptly beside the Fiano production took place Greco di Tufo, Aglianico, Falanghina and Taurasi Wines.

Nowdays Fratelli Urciuolo proceeds with humbleness and thirst for knowledge and experience. In 2003 they decided to send, for the first time, their best wine samples at “Gambero Rosso” tasting where Fiano 2002 and Taurasi 1999 where prized, and Fratelli Urciuolo were finally recognized as the new promising wine making company of Irpinia.

The same Guide “Gambero Rosso” throughout the years has prized the Urciuolo’s products with the “tre bicchieri” prize for Taurasi 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010 and commentating as finalist the Fiano di Avellino bottles many times. Such encouring results were still not enough for Ciro and Antonello. They were aware about their many improvements to be further achieved, and they looked forward to reach the highest recognitions for wine makers.