The marked entrepreneurial spirit of Ciro, a tireless traveler and accumulator of stimuli, led him to metabolize the belief that the story of Irpinia (and Campania) wines in the world must necessarily be accompanied by the narration of the wines of Southern Italy. Hence the acquisition and management of wineries also in Puglia and Sicily, which give rise to exclusive products and identity included, together with wines from Campania, in the DANIMI brand wines line .

The Danimi line is dedicated to what is most dear to a man's life: his family. A true dedication to one's children from whom it takes its strength, and whose initials it bears.

DANIMI ideally wants to bring together the values, flavors and traditions of southern Italy in a single vision aimed at enhancing the excellence of these territories.

The selection of the products took place with particular attention, skilfully capturing the vibrations of the traditions that distinguish each place, to restore their essences through the wines.

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