Urciuolo wines, traditions that come together

Urciuolo vini, tradizioni che si uniscono

A story of love and traditions, families that come together to create a new product that encompasses the beauty of two worlds, thus the Urciuolo Vini company was born. An encounter, the one between Ciro Urciuolo and his wife, Caterina Tammaro who together had the courage and ability to collect and re-launch with stubbornness and heart the winemaking heritage of the families from which they come.

The vineyards first and then the wine, which have always been the protagonists of paintings, stories and art, find, in the Urciuolo cellars, the perfect processing to emphasize every single flavour.

Flavors, values ​​and traditions of Southern Italy are collected and then "bottled" turning into fine and first quality wines, appreciated in Italy and all over the world.

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