Discover the DANIMI line

Wrapped in a mantle of passion , DANIMI was born. A family- involved company project that is based on twenty years of expertise in the production of wines .

DANIMI ideally wants to bring together the values , flavors and traditions of southern Italy in a single vision aimed at enhancing the excellence of these territories .

The project is dedicated to what is dearest in a man's life: his family . A true dedication to one's children from whom it takes its strength , and whose initials it bears.

Votive, innovative design

The selection of the products took place with particular attention , skilfully capturing the vibrations of the traditions that distinguish each place , to restore their essences through the wines .

The DANIMI line sees its maximum expression in the crus of the Votiva project , which include a Taurasi , an Irpinia Campi Taurasini and an Irpinia Bianco based on Fiano , Greco and Falanghina .

The Votive line is inspired by the cult of the goddess Mefite , bringer of abundance and prosperity , a divinity venerated in Irpinia as early as the 7th century BC, to whom the singular design of the bottles is dedicated .